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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

8/4/14 - 8/8/14

We were happy that Sami blurted out that Rafe was having sex with Kate.  Abby and Jordan were being so smug about Sami being bitter.  Sami was practically pushed to say it since they were being so smug towards her.  We enjoyed the pained look on Jordanís face when Sami dropped the bomb on her.

How did Kristen know that Nicole could have helped Eric?  She must have selective knowledge.  She knew what Nicole did, but she didnít know that Theresa was the one who hit John with the poker.

JJ should have minded his business instead of confronting Sami about what happened to Abby.  Abby was wrong for what she did and deserved to pay for it.  We loved it when Sami put JJ in his place about how he and Abby were brats.  She was so right.

Considering Jordan kept her past from Rafe, she should have been willing to hear him out when he fell off the pedestal.  Jordan wonít give him a break at all, but she messed up too.

Are we the only ones who couldnít care less if Eric gets to be a priest again?  This storyline has dragged on for too long and we donít care if heís reinstated or not.  We never cared for Ericís story so it doesnít matter if heís a priest again.

Itís a shame that Marlena hasnít been there for Sami.  Marlena was only worried about John.  Sami went through something painful, but Marlena hasnít been around to help her get through it.

Why did Eric bother going to the Vatican to become a priest?  He went to the trouble of going there only to doubt whether he wanted to be a priest.  He could have stayed in Salem instead of going to Rome.



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Page updated 8/8/14

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