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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

7/21/14 - 7/25/14

What was the point of John coming back to the show if he was going to be put in a coma?  Drake Hogestyn must be a diva behind the scenes and this is probably why the writers put him in a coma.

Eric had a lot of nerve asking Nicole for help and then refused to forgive her for what happened.  Nicole was right (hard to admit) to call him out for wanting a favor from her.  He could try to forgive her since he wanted her to do something for him.

What do the writers want from us?  Do they want us to root for Daniel and Jennifer or what?  One minute they are practically flirting with each other and the next they are at each otherís throats.  The writers should just make a decision about them and stick with it.

Caroline was one more person who didnít have Samiís back.  They all know that EJ hurt Sami, but they expect her to turn the other cheek.  Caroline expected Sami to turn the other cheek with EJ just because she did the same thing to Shawn years ago.

If he could, EJ probably would have punched Johnnyís heart out for having bad timing.  EJ tried to get Sami to give him another chance when Johnny came in the room and mentioned Abby.  His timing couldnít have been worse for EJ.

We were shaking our heads while Will made excuses for Abbyís actions.  Will knows that Abby was wrong, but he didnít care.  He expected Sami to leave her alone.  We loved it that Sami didnít back down to Will.  She refused to listen to him.  She wants to make Abby pay and she should.

Speaking of Willís lack of loyalty, we were two-sided about what he said to Sami.  He was right to remind Sami about what she did to Rafe.  When she said what she did was different, he called her out for it.  Sami was just as wrong for what she did, but Will could have been supportive of her instead of Abby.



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Page updated 7/28/14

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