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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

6/9/14 - 6/13/14

Nicole had a lot of nerve blaming Jennifer for Eric finding out the truth.  If Nicole told Eric the truth, she wouldn’t have had to worry about Eric finding out the way he did. 

Why did Gabi have to tell Abby about what she did to Melanie?  If anybody needed to know, Daniel did.  Who cared if Abby needed to know the truth?

Nicole was probably right about Jennifer being jealous of her and Daniel.  Jennifer did seem like she was bothered by their closeness not too long ago.  Of course it would help Nicole sleep at night if Jennifer told Eric the truth because she’s jealous.

Are we supposed to feel sorry for Nicole because she lost Eric?  She brought it on herself by keeping the truth from him.  If she told him the truth, she might have kept him.  She brought it all on herself and no matter how many tears she cries, we still don’t feel sorry for her.

Why wouldn’t Nick’s parents confront Gabi about killing Nick?  Julie acts as if she’s the only one who cared for Nicole.  You would think his parents would be just as upset as Julie.

Do the writers think we all care whether or not Jennifer believed Daniel would have told Eric the truth about Nicole?  This was just another obstacle for Daniel and Jennifer.  The writers obviously don’t want them together or they wouldn’t keep coming up with excuses to keep them apart.

Julie acts as if Nick was her son.  She was upset about the plea bargain Gabi got and thought she was getting a slap on the wrist.  If Nick’s parents were okay with the deal, we don’t see why Julie was upset over it.  We can understand her anger, but there was no point if his parents were okay with it.

Victor needs to cut Brady off.  Brady doesn’t want to hear anything Victor or anyone else has to say to help him so he may as well be cut off.  We can’t wait to see the look on Theresa’s face when she finds out Brady doesn’t have any money. Then we’ll see Brady practically begging Victor to put him back I the family.

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Page updated 6/13/14

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