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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

5/12/14 - 5/16/14

Why would Hope investigate Nickís death?  Nick was related to her so she shouldnít have been the one figuring out who killed him.  Roman could have been the one who investigated the murder.  Even Rafe would have been a better choice than Hope.  She is too closely involved to the victim to be objective.  Is there a shortage of police officers at Salem P.D. that Hope has to investigate her cousinís murder?

We had a little trouble believing Abby was so upset over Nickís death.  Considering Nick just argued with her over EJ, we doubt she would suddenly be upset that heís dead.  It was just a way for the audience to think that she was innocent of killing Nick.  We know she most likely is innocent, but they didnít have to fool us into thinking that she really cared one way or the other if Nick were dead.

Julie was a jerk to Maggie when they said goodbye to Nick.  Julie acted as if Maggie wasnít there for Nick.  Maggie was the one who he was living with when he got out of prison.  Julie was nowhere to be found when he got out.  She was on one of her many cruises at the time.  Julie acted as if she and Gabi were the only ones who were affected by Nickís death.

It was nice to finally see Brady comforting Maggie for a change.  She is the one always helping him, so it was good to see him be there for her for a change.  Weíre sure that it wonít last, but at least he finally showed that he could be there for her.

We were surprised that Daniel actually figured out that Nicole had the evidence that could clear Eric.  Usually people canít figure out anything unless they are Nicole.  We were surprised that he wasnít easily manipulated by Nicole when she tried to deny knowing what he was talking about.  He stuck to his guns and continued to confront her about what she was doing to Eric.

We are enjoying the mystery of who killed Nick.  It has a lot of suspects who had reason to kill him.  Ben was a needless suspect, but the others had a good reason to kill him.  We hope the writers donít drop the ball on this story because it has the potential to be a good mystery.

What made Daniel think Nicole would have told Eric the truth about the proof she had?  He knows Nicole well enough to know that she wasnít going to say anything that would make herself look guilty.  She was going to find a way to get out of telling the truth.  Even Daniel should have known that.


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Page updated 5/16/14

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