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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

5/5/14 - 5/9/14

Nick ended up confessing to being the one who had the pictures of EJ and Abby sent to the mansion.  We knew Nick knew about EJ and Abby based on the way he spoke to Abby.  Itís too bad Nick didnít send the pictures to Abby instead of EJ.  We would have loved to see her face if she got the pictures.

We loved seeing Nick taunt EJ about his affair with Abby.  EJ just knew that Nick was going to be afraid of his threats, but he wasnít.  Nick stood up to him.

Sami was such a hypocrite.  She was upset that Nick wanted to keep Will from his child.  Funny Sami did the same thing to Lucas with Will and then tried to do that with EJ.  Guess Sami can keep her kids away from their fathers but the same thing couldnít be done to her son.

We loved the look on Abbyís face when he confronted her about her affair with EJ.  She looked as if she could have been bought for a quarter.  He was so wicked when he reminded her of what she did and we enjoyed every minute of it.

We love how the writers are building up to a good mystery with Nickís inevitable death.  A lot of people can be suspects in his inevitable murder.  That is the sign of a great mystery.  

Nicole should feel like a heel accepting Ericís proposal when she is keeping a secret from him.  She might have gotten Eric on her own if she told him the truth, yet she chose to lie as usual.

We wanted to throw up when Eric and Nicole were talking about their wedding.  It was nauseating to see how happy they were knowing that it wonít last.  What also annoyed us was them wanting Daniel and Jennifer to be the first to know about it.  Why not tell his parents first?  Why did it have to be Daniel and Jennifer?


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Page updated 5/9/14

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