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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

4/21/14 - 4/25/14


We wanted to strangle the writers for pulling the rug out from under the audience.  Sami finding out the truth about EJ and Abby turned out to be a dream.  They wasted our time by showing so much of Samiís reaction only for it to be a dream.  Now when the truth comes out, it will be anticlimactic.

Jordan had a lot of nerve getting upset with Rafe for lying to her when she is keeping something from him about her past.  She needs to be a little more forthcoming if she expects it back.

Gabi seems a little too willing to have a custody battle with Will.  We know she has issues with Sami, but thatís no excuse to want to keep Will from his daughter.

Daniel and Jennifer must be blind not to notice the bug in his apartment.  Itís in plain view so one of them should have seen it by now.  We could see if it were hidden, but itís not.  Liam put it so it could be seen.

Nicole must not care that much for Danielís friendship or she would have told him about her suspicions of Liam.  She would rather keep quiet about it to protect herself instead of telling what she suspected.

How many times do people have to tell Sami that EJ is different from Nick before she gets the message that she is no one to say anything about Nick?  She may not want to hear it, but EJ isnít innocent just because she hates Nick.

Nicole had the Salem brain by meeting with Liamís ex-wife and getting her to talk about Liamís past.  She was the only one smart enough to go to Debra and get information on Liam.  Maybe Nicole should work for the Salem P.D.


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Page updated 4/25/14

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