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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

3/24/14 - 3/28/14

We never thought we would see the day when Sami and Kate would admit to liking each other.  We figured they might have, but we never thought they would admit it.

When did EJ and Gabi become friends?  We donít remember them actually being friends with each other.  All he did was help with Nick, but they were never friends.

What is it going to take for Gabi to see that Nick hasnít changed?  Everyone keeps telling her that he hasnít changed, but she refuses to listen.  This is the same thing she did when she was with him before.  She was convinced he changed when he didnít.  Unless sheís setting him up, sheís going to cry foul when she finds out what heís really after.

Jordan finally told Rafe that Ben is her brother.  We donít know what took so long for her to say something.  Itís not as if it was that big of a deal so she could have said something sooner.

EJ had some nerve being upset that Sami was concerned about Rafe.  Considering he cheated on Sami, he has no right to be concerned about her feelings for Rafe.

Why would Gabi think Sonny and Will would invite Nick to the wedding just because heís a Horton?  Gabi knows how they feel about Nick so it wasnít out of character for them not to want Nick at the wedding.

Nick had Willís number when he told him that he as well as Sonny and company would be in prison now if he didnít change.  We are so sick of how high and mighty everyone is being towards Nick as if they are innocent.  They are all just as guilty as Nick so who are they to say he didnít change?

Theresa was stupid to tell Liam that she was going to tell Daniel and Jennifer the truth about him.  What made her think he was going to let her tell them the truth without trying to stop her?



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Page updated 3/28/14

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