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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

3/10/14 - 3/14/14

The writers must have sped up time when Abby and EJ were together because Abby shouldn’t have missed that many periods between now and then.  Now all of a sudden she’s skipped so many periods that she didn’t realize she could be pregnant.

What made Nicole think Eric would be ready to have sex with her?  It wasn’t that long ago when he was a priest.  She must have expected him to forget that just because they went on a date.

Anne needs to get a life.  As much as we enjoy her going after Jennifer, she seems obsessed with it.  She probably loses sleep thinking about getting Jennifer.  Who has that kind of time to worry about Jennifer?

Sami wasted no time telling EJ that Abby is pregnant.  Abby asked her not to say anything to anyone yet she told EJ about it.  Sami doesn’t know how to keep a secret to save her life.

Adrienne had a problem with Sonny and Will getting married.  She should have known that they were going to get married eventually so what’s the point of her getting upset about it.  She may as well accept them being together.  That’s right.  This is the only storyline they can give her for some reason.

EJ called Abby out for purposely trying to get pregnant.  We were wondering if she was doing that too since she went in the shower with him.  What else was he supposed to think?

Marlena was stupid for putting the tracking device on the computer while she was talking to Dr. Chyka.  Did she really think Stefano wouldn’t have found out what she did?  She should have known better than to betray him like that.

Sami had the nerve to tell Abby that she should be honest with the baby’s father if she’s pregnant.  The last time we checked, Sami wasn’t honest with the father of her baby when she was pregnant with Sidney so who was she to tell Abby that she had to be honest with her baby’s father.



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Page updated 3/16/14

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