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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

2/10/14 - 2/14/14

Why would Daniel fight Stefanoís henchman when heís a doctor?  Daniel could have hurt his hands while he was fighting and then his career would have been over.

Maybe itís just us, but we are sick of Ericís story.  We donít care if he wants to be a priest or not.  He needs to decide one way or the other if heís going to be a priest or be with Nicole.  The story has been dragging since last week and he still had the same conversation.

It was so convenient that Abby had to help Johnny with his home economics project.  It was such a pitiful excuse to force EJ and Abby together.  It would have made more sense for Abby to help Allie since sheís related to her.  Itís hard to believe Abby was the only one who could help Johnny make cupcakes.

Speaking of EJ, itís convenient that Sami wants to work things out now that heís cheated on her.  She wasnít ready to work things out before he cheated but now sheís ready to give him another chance.

We love watching Nick make Kate squirm.  She just knew that she had the upperhand with him, but she was fooled.  We are enjoying watching him make Kateís life miserable.  We canít wait to see what he has in store for Sami and Gabi. 

Speaking of Gabi, it will be easy for Nick to get Gabi because sheís foolish enough to think heís changed.  Itís better that she does think that way so it will be easier for him to get hr because she wonít see it coming.

We loved the look on Kate, Sami, and Gabiís faces when Nick let it slip how Kate and Sami tried to kill him.  You could have bought them all for a quarter.  Kate and Sami just knew they were calling the shots with Nick, but they found out the hard way that they arenít.

Nick crunched Kate and Samiís faces when he had proof of that they tried to kill him.  They shouldnít have been so smug when he was trying to reach out to them.  Maybe he wouldnít have been so willing to show them proof of what they did.



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Page updated 2/14/14

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