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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

1/20/14 - 1/24/14

What was with Gabi going overboard singing EJís praises?  EJ is the same person who tried to ruin her brotherís life, but she believed he could solve anything.  Does she suddenly have a crush on him or something?

EJ and Abby almost made love again.  We guess they are going to keep coming close to having sex with each other every time they see each other.

Nicole and Eric confessed to their feelings for each other.  Itís too bad it took them almost dying to confess their feelings for each other.  We really donít care one way or the other, but we donít want them shoved down our throats.

It doesnít say much for EJ and Samiís love that Gabi had to convince her to stay with him.  If their love were so great, she would have forgiven him on her own.

Julie was obsessed with finding Nick.  She didnít give Nick a second thought while he was in town, but now that heís ďdeadĒ, sheís suddenly worried about him.  It would have made worse sense for Hope or Maggie to be obsessed with him since they were closer to him than Julie.

Why did Abby try to write off Julieís suspicious of what happened to Nick?  Abby was willing to go to Smith Island to talk to Hope because of the text she got from Nick, yet she acted as if Julie was overreacting for nothing.

Abby suspected that Gabi could have killed Nick.  As soon as EJ said he didnít kill Nick, she quickly jumped to the conclusion that Gabi killed Nick.  She also borrowed the Salem brain from Julie and realized that EJ slept with her to keep her from talking to Hope.  We didnít think she would have figured it out so fast but she did.  Who knew Abby was so smart?

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Page updated 1/24/14

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