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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

1/13/14 - 1/17/14

Abby was acting as if EJ raped her.  EJ didnít force her to sleep with EJ?  If anything, she practically forced him to sleep with her.  She can regret what she did all she wants, but he didnít force her to sleep with him.

Marlena must not care for Brady at all because she hasnít noticed that something is wrong with him.  What was the point of her being upset with Victor for what he did to Brady when she hasnít been there for him?

What changed Abbyís mind about Nick?  Last week, she was worried about him and now sheís okay with him just sending texts.  When Julie was concerned about Nick, Abby made it seem as if it was no big deal that he hasnít spoken to the family.  If thatís the case, why was she so anxious to talk to Hope about him?

Maybe it was us, but Anne probably likes Daniel.  She claims she hates him, but she could be overcompensating to cover up her feelings for him.  It wouldnít surprise us because everyone is supposed to be in love with him.

We are sick of the writers shoving Sheryl down our throats.  We know they had to introduce her to the audience, but they donít have to shove her down our throats as if sheís an important character on the show.

We had a feeling that Abby and EJ were going to sleep with each other again.  We know they only kissed, but we had a pretty good idea what's going to come out of that kiss.  Now someone is watching them and got pictures of them together.  We think it might be Anne or someone Anne told to follow them.  It will only be a matter of time before their secret is out.

Eric confessed to his feelings for Nicole.  It was pretty much a moot point since everyone knew how he felt about her.  It took so long for it to come out that we lost interest in the story.  We never cared for the story anyway, but the longer it took the worse it got.

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Page updated 1/17/14

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