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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

12/16/13 - 12/20/13

JJ could tell Abby and Jennifer what Theresaís doing to him.  They might have been able to help keep him from going to prison.  The writers never let people confide in someone when they are being blackmailed.  He would rather let his family think heís on or dealing drugs.

Sonny will regret that he didnít tell Will what Gabi and company did.  Willís going to be really upset with Sonny when he finds out how long he knew the truth.  Sonny may as well get ready for fireworks when Will finds out that Sonny knew the truth and didnít say anything.

We think that EJ and Abby are going to end up getting together.  EJ and Abby are spending a lot of time together.  EJ and Sami are having problems so it wouldnít be a surprise if they end up together.  It might be a nice break from seeing EJ with Sami.  That relationship has run its course so itís time to pair him with someone else.

JJ went about setting Theresa up in a stupid way.  He was obvious when he recorded her talking.  We figured she would have caught on, but she didnít do it.  He decided to start bragging about setting her up.  He should have kept the information to himself until he needed to use it.

When are the writers going to decide what to do about Bo?  The actor/character has been gone for months.  Itís time for the writers to do something with him.  We wouldnít want Bo to be killed off, but itís time to do something.  Itís ridiculous to watch Hope constantly say that Bo is out of town.




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Page updated 12/20/13

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