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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

12/9/13 - 12/13/13

Why would Sami, Gabi, and Kate meet up in public to talk about Nick?  Anyone could hear them talking about it.  They could have met at Kateís place to talk about it.  They must have wanted to be caught or they would have stopped talking about it in public.  

Does anyone else want to grab a barf bag whenever the writers try to make Daniel come off like a saint?  JJ keeps sucking up to Daniel now.  We already knew that JJ would change his attitude towards Daniel when he covered for JJ.  Once again Daniel was a martyr by not telling Theresa what really happened to her when she overdosed.  We are so sick of the writers forcing us to see Daniel as a good guy.  The audience is expected to forget his first few years on the show happened.  We have to forget that he was a womanizing homewrecker when he started on the show.

We should have known Theresa remembered what happened the night she overdosed.  There was no way she would actually do the right thing and tell the truth about Daniel.  Hopefully this will teach Daniel not to be so helpful with everyone.

Speaking of Daniel, he needs to give up on Jennifer.  She was so judgmental about him ďbeing with TheresaĒ that he needs to throw in the towel on that relationship.  We donít really care one way or the other if they get back together, but we are tired of watching him hold out hope for something thatís not going to happen.

Why do the writers think seeing EJ and Sami get turned on when they are violent with each other is a good thing?  Once again EJ was rough with Sami yet she was turned on and almost went to bed with him.  The writers must think everyone will love seeing that since we are all expected to be Ejami fans.  Well, we donít enjoy it no matter how many times they are turned on by it.

Are the writers trying to dumb down Will before the actor leaves the show?  He came up with every stupid excuse for Gabiís actions.  He even convinced himself that Gabi, Sami, and Kate were throwing him a surprise party.  We were shocked to hear that theory come out of his mouth.  We know that he doesnít know what Gabi did, but he doesnít have to come up with stupid explanations for her actions.

Gabi, Sami, and Kate were finally caught talking about what they did to Nick.  Sonny overheard them talking about it.  If they met at Kateís place, they might not have been caught.  Also, if they stopped talking about it, no one would have ever found out what happened.




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Page updated 12/13/13

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