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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

12/2/13 - 12/6/13

Sami is no longer in a position where she can judge EJ for not telling her what Kristen did to Eric.  Sami helped cover up a murder so she canít judge EJ for keeping Kristenís secret.  Sami could have told EJ what she did because EJís good at covering up crimes so he would have helped her too.

We were shocked that Theresa didnít go through with destroying Daniel the way Anne wanted her to do.  We thought that Theresa would have said that Daniel got high with her the way that Anne wanted.  Is it possible that Theresa could be turning over a new leaf?  Guess itís too soon to tell, but she actually told the truth for once.

Does anyone else find it hard to believe that people would care enough about Eric and Kristenís footage to put it online?  They are local citizens of a small town so we doubt that millions of people would care that much about them.

Isnít that something that Gabi was nervous about keeping quiet about what she did to Nick?  Gabi didnít have any problem keeping quiet about hiring Andrew to pretend to stalk her.  Gabi looks in Abbyís face all of the time without any guilt knowing what happened to Jack.  Gabiís actions inevitably led to Jackís death, but she didnít feel guilty enough to come clean.

Maggie knew that Victor wasnít a saint when she married him so she shouldnít have been surprised that he exposed Eric.  Maggie believed that she was enough of a saint that she could change Victor, but she was wrong.  Victor wasnít sorry for what he did, but she expected him to be.  We like to see Victor be the villain again so hopefully Maggie didnít change him too much.

EJ needs more to do than play matchmaker for Chad and Abby.  He can do more than just advise Abby not to give up on Chad.  EJ hasnít really done much story wise besides be a cheerleader for Chad and Abby and be a lapdog for Sami.  If the writers donít have much for EJ to do, maybe itís time to write him out of the show.

Wasnít it strange that Maggie didnít choose to be around Brady knowing what happened to him?  Maggie knows that Brady has fallen off the wagon before so she should have made sure that he didnít do it again.  Sheís supposed to be Bradyís sponsor, but sheís not helping him.

We loved how Nicole put Sami in her place when Sami judged Nicole for what sheís done in the past.  Sami loves throwing peopleís sins in their faces as if sheís innocent.  Luckily Nicole didnít back down to Sami and let her insult her without reminding her of what she has done in the past.




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Page updated 12/6/13

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