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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

11/11/13 - 11/15/13

Kristen was really good when she was trying to tell Brady that Eric seduced her.  She tried to play on Bradyís sympathy by playing the DiMera card for why no one would believe her.  Brady didnít believe her despite her best effort to act her way out of trouble.  When that didnít work, she made it seem as if Eric did that to other women too.  

We figured Eric was going to be furious with Marlena for showing the footage of him and Kristen having sex.  Marlena never needs to do something sneaky because it blows up in her face.  We know that she didnít intentionally ruin Ericís life by showing the footage, but she still ruined it anyway.

Marlena made it perfectly clear that she doesnít care about Brady.  She told Eric that she would have let Brady destroy his life if she knew what was on the disk.  That was a nice attitude for her to have considering she went to all of that trouble to stop him from marrying Kristen.  Maybe she should have let Brady marry Kristen since she regretted showing the footage.

What in the world has gotten into Victor?  He all but kicked Maggie out of his life because he couldnít realize that he threw Marlena under the bus with Eric.  We wonder if he is turning into the bad guy again.  It would be interesting to see if Maggie will stay with Victor if he is the bad guy.

Brady has to be the dumbest person in Salem.  He actually believed the lies Kristen told him about Eric.  Brady said that Eric ruined his life as well as Kristenís.  Why is it that Brady loses his brain power whenever heís with Kristen?  He knows what type of person Kristen is, but he still believed what she said.

Sami had a lot of nerve judging Kristen for raping Eric.  Did she forget that she did the same thing to Austin years ago?  She may be considered the ďgood oneĒ for some reason, but we didnít forget what she did.  Sami is no better than Kristen so she shouldnít have judged Kristen when she did the same thing.

Speaking of Sami, we were cheering EJ on when he reminded Sami that he drugged Austin.  Sami was sitting pretty on her high horse judging Kristen for what she did when she did the same thing.  EJís a rapist too but he didnít mention how wrong it was to rape someone the way she did.





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Page updated 11/15/13

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