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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

11/4/13 - 11/8/13

Was anyone surprised that Marlena didnít see anything when she first looked at the flash drive?  Thereís no way she would have reacted the way she did if she saw anything.  If it was something Kristen wanted to look at, she would have seen it.

Jennifer was at it again with Daniel.  She felt that she was owed an explanation for why he was with Theresa.  Once again she felt that he was only with Theresa to hurt her.  Jennifer has a massive ego.  Luckily Daniel put her in her place about Theresa.  Jennifer lost the right to care if he was with Theresa or not.

We enjoyed seeing Nicole rip Eric a new one for not believing that she didnít rape him.  He was so convinced she had to be lying because of the things she did in the past.  Itís weird that he threw her past in her face, but he was willing to overlook her past when everyone told her that she didnít change.

We are so sick of hearing Sami talk about the mistake Brady is making by marrying Kristen.  Sheís marrying someone who has done horrible things to her family, but she refuses to care about that.  She shouldnít be surprised that Brady is dumb enough to overlook Kristenís wrongdoings when sheís doing the same thing with EJ.

EJ had a lot of nerve being so appalled at Kristen having sex with Eric when he has done his own fair share of despicable acts.  He also raped Sami years ago so he was no different from Kristen.  He probably wouldnít care what Kristen did if he didnít think Sami would be upset with him for keeping her in the dark about it.

Isnít it convenient how Gabi is suddenly bringing up her modeling career now that Nick wants her to go back to modeling?  She wasnít worried about being a model before, but now sheís obsessed with it.

We loved how Kristen called EJ out for judging what she did to Eric.  She was right to let EJ know that he has done worse than she has because he has forgotten that he has done terrible things in the past.

Did Victor want to publicly humiliate Brady?  Victor could have showed him the proof that Kristen had sex with Eric.  Brady didnít want to hear what Victor had to say, but he could have put the dvd in the computer and let that do the talking for him.  We know Victor wanted to humiliate Kristen, but he forgot that Brady would be humiliated too.

We loved seeing Kristen get busted at the wedding.  It was a true soap moment.   Everyoneís reaction to the dvd was priceless.  Even when Kristen was clearly busted, she still tried to act as if she was set up.  It was worth the price of admission.  Itís too bad the writers couldnít always write scenes like the wedding scenes.




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Page updated 11/10/13

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