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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

10/28/13 - 11/1/13

Why was it Jenniferís business if Daniel was with Theresa?  Jennifer didnít want to be with Daniel anymore so he could be with anyone he wants to be with whether she likes it or not.  She doesnít have the right to be upset when she doesnít want to be with him.

What is the story with Jordan?  We have a feeling that she could be married or seeing someone.  Even if she is married, we couldnít care less because it is taking too long to come out.  We really arenít interested in her one way or the other.  

Why does Gabi act as if sheís afraid of Nick?  She wasnít afraid when she slept with him before yet now she acts as if heís got a disease that sheís afraid to catch.

Samiís such a hypocrite.  She said that Kristen hasnít changed and that was supposed to be okay.  Brady said that EJ hasnít changed, but she expected him to believe that EJ changed.  We were waiting for Brady to call her out on her hypocrisy, but he didnít do it.

The writers need to decide what to do with Bo.  Itís not right that heís being destroyed without being on the show.  We know that Bo wouldnít have abandoned Ciara or Hope the way he did.  We donít want Bo to be killed off, but that would be better than destroying his character.

Eric is supposed to be a priest, but he has a mean streak.  Brady apologized to Eric for keeping Nicoleís secret, but Eric didnít want to forgive him.  What kind of priest is Eric supposed to be if he wonít forgive Brady?

We know we are all supposed to hate Anne, but she was right about Daniel.  Anne put Daniel in his place about being with other women.  We cheered when she told him off.  We are so sick of everyone singing Danielís praises as if he werenít a home wrecking womanizer.  Itís good to know that someone at the hospital isnít fooled by Danielís charm.

Jennifer is a terrible friend.  She decided not to be at Kristenís wedding because Danielís going to be there.  Jennifer is in the wedding, but she wonít go with Daniel there.  Jennifer is Kristenís best friend so she should be there.  By the way, how is she going to work at the hospital with Daniel working there?  Is Jennifer going to quit working at the hospital with Daniel there?

Jennifer loves making everything about her.  We thought Sami was bad, but Jennifer is no different.  She had to make Daniel being with Theresa about her.  She thought that he only wanted to be with Theresa just to hurt her.  He couldnít like Theresa on his own.  It has to be to hurt her.




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Page updated 11/3/13

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