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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

10/21/13 - 10/25/13

Why did Kate bother hiring Jordan if she was going to question her therapy sessions?  Kate should have done a thorough background check on Jordan if she was so suspicious of her.  Right, Kate is jealous that she could lose Rafe to the tenderoni (Jordan).  If Jordan isnít a legit therapist, Kate only has herself to blame for not doing a better job checking her out.

Are we the only ones sick of Danielís martyr act?  Daniel thought he was being so noble by walking away from Jennifer for good so JJ could be with his family.  Daniel made such a supreme sacrifice (dripping with sarcasm).  The problem with the ďnoble actĒ is that Jennifer already dropped him to get JJ to stop acting out.  The writers really want us to like Daniel for being a martyr.  We arenít falling for it at all.

Jennifer needs to decide what she wants to do about JJ.  One minute she wants him to stay with her and the next sheís ready to throw him out.  If we were Jennifer, we would throw him out since heís not respecting her.

Did anyone really care that Nicole confessed to loving Eric?  We really couldnít care less how Nicole feels about Eric.  This story took so long that we lost interest in it a while ago.  We donít see why the writers are shoving it down our throats now that they are ready for Eric to know how Nicole feels about him.

Why didnít Eric believe Nicole when she denied drugging him?  Nicole was the one who helped him.  If she wanted to drug him, then she could have walked away and let him overdose on the drug.  Since Eric decided to blame Nicole for drugging him, she may as well have left Eric alone.

Sami had a lot of nerve making Stefano tap dance before she would forgive him for what heís done.  Sami has done a lot of terrible things and wanted to be forgiven for them.  Itís too bad that Stefano didnít let Sami stay in jail.  Weíre pretty sure that Sami will want Stefanoís help if Lucas takes Allie from her.  Hopefully Stefano wonít help her.

Did anyone else think that Chadís reveal to Abby would have had a bigger impact on their story?  Abby didnít react the way we hoped she would and that ruined the scene.  Abby may as well have heard about the stock market instead of the fact that her boyfriend pretended to be dying to ďwinĒ her from Cameron.  We hoped that she would have yelled at him, but she didnít.  It was a little disappointing to watch Abby give such a weak performance.

Daniel made a mistake helping JJ keep out of trouble.  Daniel told JJ to keep quiet about being with Theresa when she overdosed on drugs.  Now Daniel will go down for something JJ did.  Daniel wonít be able to explain why he was in Theresaís apartment in the first place.  Daniel is going to make it easy for Theresa and Anne to get away with their plan to destroy him and Jennifer.




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Page updated 10/27/13

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