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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

10/14/13 - 10/18/13

If Marge wanted to kill EJ, why did she wait until she was in a crowded room to do it?  She could have shot him while he was walking around Salem.  Did Marge want people to see her kill him?  She could have shot him while he was alone and not get caught.

We had a feeling that Chadís shooting would be Abbyís moment.  Why did they have to focus on how Chadís shooting affected Abby?  People should have been more concerned with how the DiMeras were worried about Chad.  It also seemed like the story was going to be more focused on Sami.  Does every story have to revolve around her?

Sami didnít like it that Kristen blamed her for Chad getting shot, but she had no problem blaming Stefano for what happened.  Sami was the one who pulled the trigger, but for some reason her actions are overlooked.  Stefano plays a part in what happened to Chad, but Sami does too.  Sami could have screamed for help instead of firing the gun.  We must remember that Sami is never wrong for anything she does to people.

JJ had a lot of nerve getting smart with Justin when he was representing him.  We get that JJ is mad about Jackís past, but it didnít excuse JJís actions.  JJ would have deserved it if Justin didnít want to represent him anymore.

Why did Nicole try to reach out to Brady?  She should have known that Brady wasnít going to believe a word she said about Kristen.  Brady didnít want to believe anything anyone said about Kristen before so he wasnít going to believe it now.  Nicole should let Brady find stuff out on his own because you have to draw him a picture for him to see anything.

Did anyone else want to throw something at the judge in JJís case?  The judge didnít want JJ to get off easy again, but he gave JJ a slap on the wrist.  The judge let JJ go home and told him to stay out of trouble.  He may as well have let JJ plead not guilty and let him get off the hook.




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Page updated 10/18/13

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