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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

10/7/13 - 10/11/13

Sami was being so manipulative towards Marge.  Sami was trying to be the good one to Marge when she killed her husband.  Marge is hurting so she wonít care what Sami had to say.  We know that Sami saved Rafeís life, but Marge doesnít know that and doesnít care why she did it.

Speaking of Marge, the powers that be should have gotten a better actress for the role.  This actress is ruining the powerful scenes she had when she was ripping into Sami and EJ as well as well as when she was reflecting on how her life is now.  We understand her pain finding out these things about her husband and how his death affected her son, but the actress is not doing a good job with the material.

Itís good that the writers didnít forget the history between Jack and Kayla.  With that said, we donít understand why Jack raping Kayla was suddenly so important.  We donít get why everyone is acting as if the rape just happened.  Jack raped Kayla years ago so what is the point of bringing it up now?

Jennifer got what she deserved when JJ went off on her.  Jennifer spent all of this time enabling JJ and now heís turned on her.  He called her as well as the rest of the family a bunch of hypocrites for keeping him in the dark about Jack.  We enjoyed the shocked look on her face as JJ ripped into her.

Gabi doesnít know the first thing about loyalty.  Gabi jumped at the chance to go to Sami and EJís engagement party.  Gabi knows that Sami was married to her brother so she should have refused to go to the party with Cameron.

The writers must really hate Jack.  They go out of their way to make Jack look bad in order to build up Daniel.  We donít like the way the writers are going overboard trying to prop Danielís character up.  Their plan isnít working because we still donít care for his character.




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Page updated 10/11/13

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