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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

9/30/13 - 10/4/13

Does anyone else wonder what the writers intend to do with Jordan?  She has been helping Rafe for a bit, but we still donít know anything about her.  Itís time for the writers to start doing something with her or write her off the show.

We loved the look on Kristenís face when she found out that she had the wrong flash drive.  We knew that Kristen had the wrong flash drive so itís good to know that we were right about that.  We canít wait for the showdown between Kristen and Marlena when the other flash drive is checked.

Thumbs up to the writers for not giving up on Victor and Marlenaís plan to take down Kristen.  We were happy to see Victor and Marlena talking about their plans.  We hope to see more scenes like that.

You would think Sami would have been thankful that Stefano was willing to help her get out of prison.  Sami had the nerve to expect EJ to renege on the deal he made with Stefano to get her out of jail.  Itís too bad Stefano decided to help EJ.  Stefano should have let Sami rot in jail.

Seeing how Sami didnít want EJ to honor his word to Stefano, he should regret getting on his knees begging for her freedom.  He should have let her fry.

What was the point of Theresa implying that she had sex with Daniel?  Jennifer broke up with him for the millionth time so itís not like it would matter if Theresa was with him.  Also, it wouldnít take much for Jennifer to ask Daniel about being with Theresa.

We know that the writers expect us to hate Anne because of the way she treats St. Jennifer, but Anne is right about Jennifer.  All Jennifer does is take time off from her job for one thing or another.  She had to take off this time because she was upset about JJ.  

Why is it suddenly a factor that Jack raped Kayla years ago?  No one has said one word about that, but now it is suddenly a big deal.  We get it.  Itís a way to make JJ be one more person kissing up to Daniel once the truth comes out about what Jack did.




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Page updated 10/6/13

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