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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

9/23/13 - 9/27/13

Jennifer fired Theresa from the hospital.  Theresa was a terrible assistant and didnít give her a reason to keep her.  Theresa should have known that Jennifer wasnít going to keep her when she was constantly messing up her job.  Theresa didnít care about her job so she deserved to be fired.

We are not fans of Nicole.   With that said, we donít get why Victor wouldnít accept her help.  You would think that Victor would accept help from as many people as he could get.  It wonít be easy for Victor and Marlena to take Kristen down so they should be willing to take her help.

Is Kristen psychic?  For some reason, she knew that something was wrong when Eric was being hypnotized.  Can Kristen read Ericís mind while he was hypnotized?

Did anyone expect to see Chloe push for Daniel and Jennifer to be together?  Chloe went to a lot of trouble to break them up and now sheís holding up her pompoms for them.  Do the writers really think we will support them as a couple if they had Chloeís seal of approval?  The writers have to try harder to make us want to root for Dannifer.

How long does Will intend to make Nick pay for everything?  Nick isnít bothering Will, but he keeps giving Nick a hard time.  We are looking forward to seeing Nick go after Will since he wonít give Nick a break.




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Page updated 9/27/13

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