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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

9/16/13 - 9/20/13

Did you notice how smug Sami and EJ were being when they thought Justin had the upperhand with Marge?  We were ready to see Sami sentenced to life in prison.  Sami and EJ shouldnít have been so smug about the fact that Marge looked bad.  Justinís witnesses were going to look just as stupid as Marge.

We loved the look on Sami and EJís faces when Melindaís computer expert testified that Timmyís account was hacked.  They were being so smug when Marge testified so it was only fitting that they looked like fools.  EJ looked like he was having a heart attack when he realized that he ruined Samiís case.

Maxine needs to stop kissing up to Jennifer and Abby.  We are tired of her being their cheerleader.  She needs to be worried about whatís going on in her own life.  

Abby wasted no time jumping in bed with Chad.  She allegedly had feelings for Cameron yet she had sex with Chad.  Guess we know how she really feels about Cameron.  We donít really care either way which one sheís with because we donít care about the story.

Will had some nerve expecting Gabi to talk Nick out of ruining Samiís case.  Will ruined Samiís case himself so it did matter what Nick did.  You would think that Will would have been nicer to Nick if he wanted Nick to help Samiís case.

Are we supposed to believe that EJ loves Sami so much that he would sacrifice his freedom so she wouldnít go to prison?  We well donít see this so-called true love.  We know Ejami fans enjoyed that sacrifice he was willing to make, but we didnít care about it.  If he really wanted to sacrifice himself, he would have been okay with Sami taking the deal when Melinda first offered it to her.

We really enjoyed seeing Lucas there for Sami.  Itís too bad the writers didnít think to include Lucas in Samiís story sooner.  In our opinion, it would have been a better story with Lucas in it instead of EJ.

Chad really is a DiMera.  It turns out that he set it up that he was sick so he could get Abby back.  We never saw that twist coming.  Good job on the writersí part by pulling the wool over our eyes.

We were cheering when Stefano had EJ begging him for his help.  We remember how smug EJ was when he took everything from Stefano so it was great to watch him beg him to help Sami.  We would have loved it if Stefano turned him down, but watching EJ kiss his ring was worth it



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Page updated 9/20/13

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