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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

9/9/13 - 9/13/13

We know that Kristenís a scheming witch, but Nicoleís no better.  Nicole constantly judges Kristen as if she hasnít done her own scheming.  Nicole hasnít been redeemed enough to judge Kristen.  Nicole also doesnít have the right to demand answers from Kristen as if sheís owed an explanation.  

Hopefully Samiís trial will be the highlight of the week.  We are looking forward to seeing the trial take place.  There might be some juicy secrets exposed during the trial.  If not, we could at least enjoy seeing Sami and EJ squirm whenever it looks as if her case is ruined.

What was wrong with Daniel?  He was reading Ericís personal file at his apartment and not the hospital.  Anyone could have seen him looking at Ericís file.  Kristen was in his apartment so it would be easy for her to see the files.

Does anyone else think that Nicole needs to mind her business?  She seems to be involved in everyoneís story.  Nicole needs a story of her own or she needs to be written off the show.

We were cheering Kristen on when she told Nicole to mind her business.  Kristen was reading our minds when she told Nicole to mind her business.  Kristen was right to put Nicole in her place because she couldnít look at her flash drive without Nicole being in her business.  Kristen was minding her own business so Nicole didnít have the right to know what she was doing.

Will had a lot of nerve expecting Nick not to make things worse for Sami.  No one forced Sami to put a gun in Nickís face and threaten him.  It would serve Will right if Nick did make Samiís case worse.  Will couldnít do anything if Nick told everything that Sami did.

If Kristen didnít want anyone to find out that she was with Eric, she should get rid of the proof of their night together.  Kristen shouldnít keep carrying the flash drive when she knows that Nicole is snooping around.

How ironic is it that Adrienne found evidence that could help Sami?  Adrienne was the one who wanted to make Sami pay for what she did to Bernardi yet she was the one who helped her.  Maybe she did that to get back in Sonnyís good graces.

JJ ended up getting arrested this week for selling drugs.  It was only a matter of time before he got caught.  After he got arrested, he expected Jennifer to believe why he was arrested.  He called her a liar when he caught her with Daniel, but he got upset that she didnít believe his story about getting arrested.  She should leave him in jail so he could see that sheís not playing with him about getting his act together.

Abby was a hypocrite. She told JJ that he should own up to his mistakes.  Did she own up to what she did when she lied about being with Austin?  She was only redeemed when she forgave Melanie for being with Chad.  She never made amends with Austin or Carrie for what she did so she was in no position to advise JJ to own up to his mistakes.



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Page updated 9/13/13

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