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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

9/2/13 - 9/6/13

We are sick of Willís attitude towards Nick.  We didnít expect Will to forget what Nick did to him (we didnít forget either), but Will was willing to forgive it when he was in the hospital.  If Will was so appalled with Nick, why did he go to the trouble of saving Nickís life?  He could have let Jensen kill him.

Sonny is just as bad as Will when it comes to Nick.  Sonny ordered Gabi not to be with Nick as if he was her father.  Gabi is an adult who can decide whether or not she wants to be with Nick.  She didnít need Sonny making the decision for her.

We cheered Brady on when he reminded Nicole that she was no one to judge Kristen.  Nicole has done her own fair share of bad things in the past so she is in no position to judge Kristen.  Nicole seems to think sheís a saint now that she works at the church.  

We are so bored with seeing Chad wooing Abby.  The writers can force them down our throats all they want and we would still be bored with them.  Putting Cameron in the story with them doesnít make it any better.  Itís still a pointless story.

What made Brady think that his family would have been okay with him marrying Kristen?  He knew they didnít approve of their engagement the first time around so why would they jump for joy now?  Something is really wrong with him.

How can Nick afford to live in an apartment when he doesnít have a job?  Itís not likely that Victor gave him money when he kicked him out of the mansion so how could he afford an apartment?

Gabi shouldnít have taken the chance of sleeping with Nick again if she wasnít going to be with him.  She needs to stop leading him on before he becomes obsessed with her the way he did with Melanie a while ago.

What made Will think that he would help Samiís case by confessing to trying to kill EJ?  The only thing his confession would do is put him and Sami in prison.  Will trying to kill EJ doesnít change the fact that Sami killed Bernardi so Willís confession wouldnít help.

How ironic is it that Adrienne found evidence that could help Sami?  Adrienne was the one who wanted to make Sami pay for what she did to Bernardi yet she was the one who helped her.  Maybe she did that to get back in Sonnyís good graces.

JJ ended up getting arrested this week for selling drugs.  It was only a matter of time before he got caught.  After he got arrested, he expected Jennifer to believe why he was arrested.  He called her a liar when he caught her with Daniel, but he got upset that she didnít believe his story about getting arrested.  She should leave him in jail so he could see that sheís not playing with him about getting his act together.



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Page updated 9/6/13

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