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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

8/5/13 - 8/9/13

Is anyone else getting sick of Sami saying she didnít shoot Bernardi?  Did we imagine it when Sami shot Bernardi?  She may have shot him to save Rafe, but she is not innocent.  Sami needs to stop saying that she didnít do it when she did.

We enjoyed watching Marge go off on Sami.  Weíre tired of Sami as well as most of Salem giving her a free pass for shooting Bernardi.  Marge is a reminder that Sami should at least hear about what she did.

Marge must be the one holding the Salem brain.  She had Bernardiís body cremated so his body couldnít be exhumed.  Sheís apparently the only one who could outsmart EJ.

We really wish that the writers would stop forcing everyone to be cheerleaders for Daniel and Jennifer.  We are bored with them as a couple so we donít understand why everyone on the show (except for JJ) jumps on the Dannifer bandwagon.

Who was Chad to tell Cameron that he couldnít wait to move in on Abby?  Cameron was with Abby first so he didnít try to move in on Chadís territory.  Chad may as well have name-dropped that heís a DiMera in order to keep Cameron away from Abby.

We enjoyed watching Marlena and Kristenís catfight this week.  Itís always good to see them going at it.  Their scenes certainly helped this week end on a high note.



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Page updated 8/11/13

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