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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

6/24/13 - 6/28/13

Kristen proved that she didnít love Brady the way she claimed she did since she slept with Eric.  She was no different from Brady.  We already knew their so-called love wasnít so great, but they proved just how little they meant to each other when they went to bed with other people.

We were not surprised when Will didnít confess to shooting EJ.  He never had any intention of telling what he did because he didnít want to end up in prison.  It certainly didnít take much to talk him out of telling Abe about the shooting.  Maybe he secretly wants Sami to go to prison.  We know itís a long shot, but you never know.

Kristen was slick and recorded her and Eric having sex.  Now she has proof of what she and Eric did in case he denies what happened.

 Kate was so right about Sami blaming the victim when she (Sami) shot Bernardi.  Sami keeps going overboard telling anyone who will listen that it wasnít her fault that she shot Bernardi.  No one told her to shoot him.

Why would Adrienne talk to Jennifer about Will?  Did Adrienne forget that Will is Jenniferís nephew?  Did Adrienne really think Jennifer would agree with the terrible things she said about Will?

We donít get the point of Kristenís plan.  Why wouldnít she want Eric to know what she did to him?  She already recorded what happened so we donít see what the big deal is that he knows what happened.

Why would John go out of town when he knew that Sami was arrested?  You would think he would have stayed in Salem to see if he could help Sami.  We know Marlena is upset with John, but that doesnít mean he shouldnít have been there for Sami.

The writers are going overboard trying to destroy JJ.  We know they think Daniel and Jennifer need conflict, but they didnít have to destroy JJ in order to push for Daniel and Jennifer to be together.


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Page updated 6/28/13

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