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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

6/17/13 - 6/21/13

Whatís with Adrienneís change of tune about Sonny and Will being together?  She was ready to accept their relationship and now she wants Sonny to break up with Will.  Is this the best storyline the writers can give her?  She needs to do more than be an anchor in Will and Sonnyís relationship.

 Nicole is a slut.  She was just head over heels in love with Eric, but now sheís sleeping with Brady.  She doesnít know who she wants because she falls in and out of love so easily that itís hard to keep track of the guys she wants.

 Brady obviously didnít love Kristen the way he said or he wouldnít have had sex with Nicole the day he was going to get married.  He wasted no time hopping in bed with another woman.

We have a theory about Kristen.  Kristen could have been the one who had someone take the razor out of Rafeís room so Sami wouldnít have proof that Bernardi tried to kill Rafe.  It would be a good way to get back at Sami as well as Marlena.

We can only imagine what Kristen is going to do to get even with Marlena.  We arenít surprised that Kristen wants to get back at her since sheís the reason she lost everything.  Marlena better look out because Kristen isnít playing with a full deck.

Sami was told that changing her story didnít look good for her.  We donít see how her story changed that much.  The only thing that changed was the weapon.  Everything else stayed the same so we donít see how it would hurt her.

Daniel is really obsessed over JJ letting Parker almost fall a little while ago.  It was a moot point since Parker never fell.  He told Maggie about it as if JJ pushed the boy out of the chair.


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Page updated 6/23/13

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