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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

6/9/13 - 6/14/13

We didnít care for Samiís smug attitude when she rubbed it in that Brady dumped Kristen.  As much as Sami has been dumped, you would think that she wouldnít rub anyoneís nose in the fact that she was dumped.

We were cheering JJ on when he let Abby know that he was sick of everyone acting as if Daniel is a saint.  We are sick of it too.  Daniel isnít the great person (in our opinion) that the writers seem to think he is.

We were surprised that John told Marlena about his plan to break up Brady and Kristen.  We didnít think he would tell her everything.  We donít know why he thought telling her everything would win her back.  How would he feel if she planned to seduce another man just to break up a relationship and used him as collateral damage?  Then to top it off, she had the gall to say she loved him.  He wouldnít want to be with her either.

Sami shot Bernardi before he could ďcut it offĒ Rafe.  She conveniently had the gun Kate gave her in her bag and was at the right place at the right time.  We donít know why she was acting as if she never fired a gun before after she shot him.  This is the same person who shot EJ in the head in cold blood yet she was so shocked that she shot Bernardi.

Why did the writers have to butcher John by having him think so little of his relationship with Marlena?  We all know that before Kristen came back, John was in love with Marlena and would have never had feelings for Kristen.  Now all of a sudden heís got feelings for Kristen.  The writers could have come up with a better reason to break up John and Marlena.

We enjoyed Marlena and Kristenís scenes when they argued over John.  They both did a wonderful job with the material they were given.  We loved it when they have confrontational scenes because they bring out the best in each other.

If we didnít know any better, we would have thought EJ had something to do with what happened to Rafe.  He was just too willing to believe that Stefano couldnít do it.  Also, there is no love lost between EJ and Rafe so it wouldnít be a stretch if EJ wanted to have him killed.

Mrs. Bernardi needed to take some lessons from Marlena on how to cry on demand because she didnít have a drop of tears in her eyes when she found out her husband died.  The scenes would have meant more if she was able to cry.

We enjoyed seeing Sami getting the taste slapped out of her mouth when Mrs. Bernardi found out she shot her husband.  Sami was a bit too smug about shooting Bernardi so she had it coming.  It would have been better if Mrs. Bernardi made better contact with Samiís face, but we enjoyed it.

Kristen is obviously up to another scheme.  We wouldnít be surprised if Marlena is the victim of her revenge since Marlena is the reason why she lost Brady.  If she doesnít get revenge on Marlena, she might get revenge on Eric since he was rude to her when she wanted to talk to him.




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Page updated 6/14/13

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