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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

5/27/13 - 5/31/13

Itís too bad Johnny wasnít the one who found the picture of Kristen and Sy in the first place.  Marlena could have been used the picture to her advantage.  All Ciara kept doing with the picture was take it in and out of her bag.  

Marlena actually showed Brady the picture of Kristen and Sy.  We werenít sure if she was going to show it to him right away, but she did.  Luckily Marlena was able to get her hands on the picture.

Brady confronted Kristen about the picture.  We were pleasantly surprised that he didnít rush to take Kristenís word.  Brady may finally have his brain back when it concerns Kristen.

We werenít the least bit surprised that Kristen blamed John for why she realized she loved Brady.  She made it seem as if John came on to her instead of the other way around.  If John didnít do his stupid plan to keep her away from Brady, she couldnít put it all on him.

Nick finally came out and admitted he was raped to Gabi.  We felt sorry for him when he opened up to her about what happened to him.  Blake Berris did a great job with the material.  We actually felt his pain especially when it looked as if Gabi rejected him.

We loved the showdown between Marlena and Kristen.  We knew Kristen was going to get Marlena for ruining her relationship with Brady and we were right.  Kristen made Marlena think that she and John had sex.  Kristenís confession threw Marlena for a loop.  Marlena was being a little too smug about Kristenís demise so we secretly enjoyed Marlenaís fall from grace.

Nick changed his mind about Willís name going on the birth certificate.  Guess his reminder about being raped had a huge affect on him.

John had a lot of nerve expecting Marlena to suddenly forget what heís done to her just because she was able to do what he couldnít do.  She was able to get Brady to dump Kristen without resorting to seducing someone to do it.  Now that Marlenaís work is done, sheís supposed to be back with John.  She would be crazy to take him back.  

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Page updated 5/31/13

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