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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

5/20/13 - 5/24/13

Ciara seems to get more spoiled as the days go by.  She finally admitted to taking a letter that Hope was supposed to get.  She blamed her behavior on Hope working all of the time and Bo being gone.  Hope and Bo used to leave her all of the time and she didnít act this way then.  Why is it suddenly a problem that Hope has to work?

Itís pretty obvious that the writers are heading for a Chad/Abby/Cameron triangle.  Chad didnít want to be with Abby when Melanie was around, but now that Melanie is gone, he wants to be with her.  Maybe itís just us, but we donít care which one sheís with so creating a triangle doesnít make their story any better.

We were disappointed with the way the writers copped out with Rafeís attack.  They made a prisoner randomly attack Rafe.  The story would have been better if it was EJ or Nick who attacked him or had it done.  What was the point of hiding Jensenís identity if it was a random guy?

Sami was crazy to sleep with EJ when he wouldnít tell her who he was talking to when Rafe was attacked.  EJ could have still had something to do with Rafeís attack for all she knew, but she slept with him anyway.

We knew that Nick was raped in prison.  Nick was too much of a homophobe not to have been raped.  He most likely wanted to kill Jensen because Will was able to hear Jensen say that he was his b*tch in prison.

We loved seeing Kate slap Sami while they were talking about Rafe.  Sami had the nerve to accuse Kate of having Rafe attacked so she had it coming when Rafe slapped her.  Itís too bad she didnít slap her more than once.

Where was Willís family while he was at the hospital?  They were so concerned with how he was doing, yet they werenít there to see him. Sonny, Lucas, and Sami should have been the only ones there.

We were applauding when JJ let Abby know all of the things Daniel did for why he doesnít like him.  JJ must be the only person who remembers that Daniel isnít a saint.  You would think Jennifer would remember that, but sheís too far gone to see the truth.

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Page updated 5/24/13

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