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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

5/13/13 - 5/17/13

Sami doesnít know when to quit.  She confronted Stefano about not destroying the evidence against Will.  She could have possibly forced him to use the evidence to his advantage.  She never listens to anyone when they try to tell her not to make things worse.  She always does what she wants without a thought of the consequences of her actions.

If Nick didnít attack Rafe, we have another theory.  Maybe EJ hired someone to attack Rafe and frame Nick for it.  If Nick went to prison for attacking Rafe, that would get him away from Gabi and the baby.  EJ also told Sami that Nick wouldnít be a problem anymore.  It could be foreshadowing that EJ set Nick up.

We loved the look on Stefano and Samiís faces when Kate blurted out that she and Rafe were lovers.  They looked as if they could have been knocked over with a feather.  We were looking forward to seeing Samiís reaction to Kate and Rafe being together and we got what we wanted.  Itís too bad Sami wasnít by herself when she found out, but we enjoyed it.

Thumbs up to the writers for reminding the audience that Kate slept with EJ.  You would never know that they slept together years ago since itís never brought up.  Kate and Samiís argument was the perfect way for Kate to remind Sami that she slept with EJ.

We felt sorry for Marlena when she told John that she was done.  John is really treating her like garbage, yet heís willing to forgive Brady.  We donít blame Marlena for being done with John since heís treating her life sheís Stefano.

We liked how Brady reminded Kristen that EJ made Sami think that Sidney was kidnapped.  It was about time somebody remembered that EJ wasnít a saint.  Itís ironic that Brady was the one who mentioned it considering all of the things Kristen has done, but at least somebody remembered what he did.

Kate must have been wearing a sign that she was sleeping with Rafe since Hope figured it out before Kate told her.  We donít remember Rafe or Kate spreading the news to everyone so how did Hope figure it out?

It was only a matter of time before Marlena blamed Brady for her problems with John.  Brady got a taste of his own medicine when she ripped into him.  All he did was ask if she was okay and she practically told him where to go and how to get there.  Now he knows what she and John went through when they tried to talk to him.

We love how Gabi let Sami knew about the things that EJ has done as well as what Rafe has done because Sami needs to be reminded that EJ is no saint.  We were sick of Sami defending EJ so it was a blessing when Gabi put her in her place and all but called her a gold digger.

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Page updated 5/17/13

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