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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

5/6/13 - 5/10/13

Thumbs up to the writers for reminding the audience how John and Marlena got together.  Itís easy to forget that they got together based on an affair.  

 Jennifer told Daniel that she missed stepping over toys.  It made us think that she was foreshadowing that she and Daniel are going to have a baby.  We wouldnít put it passed the writers to give Daniel and Jennifer a reason to be connected since they love this couple so much.

 We are so sick of people catering to Jennifer as if sheís a saint.  Anne couldnít even have an argument with Jennifer without Daniel coming to her rescue.  Whatís with all of the Jennifer cheerleading?  We donít like Anne, but all of the Jennifer cheerleading makes it easier for us to understand why Anne doesnít like Jennifer.

Ciara hid a note for Hope so she could go to the zoo.  Ciara is really turning into a brat now that Bo is out of Salem.  We donít know how Hope is able to deal with Ciara and her attitude lately.

What made Sami thinks he would get the better of Joe (Stefanoís henchman) when she wanted him to give her the evidence instead of Stefano.  Did she really think he would give her the evidence if she bribed him?  She must think sheís Stefano or something.  We were glad that her plan didnít work.

John is really taking a risk with his play to destroy Kristen.  John would rather lose Brady and Marlena just to keep Brady from Kristen.  Johnís plan will be moot if he loses Brady anyway.  John may as well leave well enough alone.

We have a feeling that the writers plan on butchering JJís character in order to push Daniel and Jennifer together.  They would rather ruin him just to prove that Daniel and Jennifer are meant to be.  If the writers have to try that hard to push them together, maybe it should tell them that Daniel and Jennifer arenít meant to be.

Sami tried to play hardball with Nick and it blew up in her face.  When he wanted the money back that she stole, she pulled a gun out on him.  He threw up Willís confession in her face to get the money back.  All she did was make things worse.  She would have been better off getting all of the evidence he had before giving him the money.  Whatís to stop him from going to the police?  She should have never taken the money in the first place.

Hope told Vargas that she could get Nick in touch with him.  You would think a cop would know better not to get them in touch with each other since convicted felons are supposed to stay away from each other.


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Page updated 5/10/13

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