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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

4/29/13 - 5/3/13

Why did the writers make Lucas be a third wheel in Willís story?  Lucas should have been at the DiMera mansion with Sami and Will when they asked Stefano for help.  The baby is his grandchild, but he wasnít there to help.  EJ isnít linked to the baby, yet he was there to plead Willís case.

It would serve John right if Roman went after Marlena.  Since John doesnít want to be with Marlena and will obviously never forgive her for not telling him about Brady and Kristen being together, Roman should pull a page out of Johnís book and have an affair with Marlena.  We would love to see what John would do then.

John was really nasty to Marlena when she wanted to talk to him.  Heís going to get enough treating her like garbage.  This is probably part of his plan, but she doesnít know that.  Itís going to be too late when heís ready to apologize and sheís moved on with her life.

Sami and Sonny found the flash drives Nick had.  Will ended up finding the confession on one of the drives.  It was a little too convenient that he found the evidence so fast.  Will shouldnít be too happy yet because it wouldnít take much for Nick to get the upperhand.

Why would Vargas want to tell Eric that Nicole called out his (Ericís) name during sex?  That doesnít make Vargas come out too good that she thought of another man while he was with her.  If we were Vargas, we wouldnít volunteer that information no matter what Nicole did.

Kate gave Sami a gun for protection.  You would think Sami would have accepted the gun considering where sheís living.  She also could have used it to take care of Nick.  Maybe she thought the gun would be too much temptation.

Sami shouldnít have taken the $30,000 from Nick.  Did she really think he wouldnít have found out that she took the money?  All she did was alert him that someone was in his room.

We have a suspicion that Sami is going to get accused of Nickís inevitable murder.  We donít know for a fact Nick is going to die, but thereís no way heís going to survive acting the way he is.  Anyway, since Sami kept the gun Kate gave her that is probably going to be Samiís downfall.

EJ plans on taking down Stefano with Justinís help.  EJ has a lot of nerve trying to take him down considering Stefano was willing to help Will get to see his daughter.  Itís too bad Stefano agreed to help Will since EJís being so ungrateful.

Speaking of Stefano, he was smart enough to have a cop give him the proof of Will shooting EJ instead of letting it get destroyed.  Now Stefano will have leverage of his own if EJ tries to pull something.


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Page updated 5/3/13

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