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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

4/22/13 - 4/26/13

Abe confronted Cameron about him not spending time with Theo.  It was good that Abe called Cameron out for not being around Theo, but when is Abe going to tell EJ about spending time with Theo?  EJ hasn’t uttered Theo’s name since Lexie died.

Speaking of Cameron, he’s got a chip on his shoulders.  Abe was trying to be there for him, but Cameron ripped him a new one.  Cameron let Abe know that he wasn’t family and that he was only related to Theo.  Guess Abe should have thought twice about trying to help Cameron.

What good did it do for Ciara to be the one who found the envelope with the picture of Kristen and Sy together?  It may as well have been Theo who found the picture.  It would have made more sense for someone to find the picture who could do something with the information.

Maggie apologized to Jennifer for the way she treated her when she broke up with Daniel.  Maggie wouldn’t have apologized to Jennifer if she didn’t find out that Chloe blackmailed her to break up with Daniel.  Jennifer should have given Maggie a hard time before she forgave her.

It could be use but Eric seemed like he was jealous of Nicole being with Vargas.  Eric was a little too upset with Nicole yet he practically let Vargas off the hook.  Was Eric upset that he wasn’t the one making out with her?

We enjoyed watching the guys (Cameron, Rafe, Daniel, and Brady) dancing at the strip club.  They really looked good on the stage.  They may not have all had experience stripping, but we certainly didn’t mind watching them dance.

Rafe was shockingly okay with Sami marrying EJ.  We have a feeling that Rafe was more upset than he let on.  Is it possible that Rafe was jealous?

Brady suspected that John still had feelings for Kristen for why he gave her the jersey.  We know that John is scheming to get Brady away from Kristen, but we wouldn’t be surprised if John does still have feelings for Kristen.  John is giving Marlena the cold shoulder so maybe he does feel something for Kristen.

What was the point of the writers having Bo come back home only for them to have him not be able to come home?  This particular story was in the soap opera magazine too.  Why give the audience false hope that Bo was coming back if there was no intention of bringing him back?  The writers need to recast the character or kill him off the show if they don’t know what to do with the character.

What is with Ciara’s attitude?  Bo and Hope always leave her and she’s been well adjusted.  The writers are going overboard trying to make Bo’s disappearance be the reason Ciara keeps lashing out.  The writers are really trying to destroy Bo’s character.


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Page updated 4/26/13

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