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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

4/5/13 - 4/12/13

Do the writers expect us to hate Lucas because he doesnít like Daniel?  That is not going to happen with us because Lucas has every reason to hate Daniel.  Lucas also had the right to be happy that Jennifer dumped him.  You would think that Jennifer wouldnít want to be with Daniel after what he did to Lucas, but thatís neither here nor there.

 Why was Abe so judgmental of Vargas being a ďhardenedĒ criminal when he was the one who helped with the outreach program?  Whatís the point of helping the criminals if Abe feels the way other people feel about criminals?

Jennifer could have told Lucas what Chloe made her do with Daniel since Lucas knows the kind of person Chloe is.  Lucas might have understood Chloe blackmailing her to stay away from Daniel.  Chloe never told her not to say anything to anyone (except Daniel) so she could have said something to Lucas.

Daniel saw Nancyís passport and found out she was in Brazil instead of New York.  We didnít think he would find out that Nancy was in Brazil so fast.  Thumbs up to the writers for not dragging out this story any longer than they needed to.

We are so sick of Nicoleís sanctimonious attitude towards Chloe.  Nicole has done her own dirty deeds so she really wasnít in a position to judge Chloe.  Please donít get us wrong.  We donít approve of the horrible things Chloe has done, but we are tired of Nicole acting as if sheís a saint while Chloe is the devil.

Jennifer finally told Laura that Chloe blackmailed her to stay away from Daniel.  It certainly took Jennifer long enough to say something to somebody.  We donít know why Jennifer couldnít tell Hope the truth, but at least she finally said something.

We didnít expect Chloe to come clean about her plan, but she had no choice.  Daniel ripper her a new one when he confronted her about what she did to get Jennifer to dump him. We really enjoyed their scenes because we didnít think she would stand up to him the way she did.  He was too smug about what she did that we found ourselves rooting for her to take Parker away from him during parts of their argument.



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Page updated 4/12/13

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