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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

4/1/13 - 4/5/13

Will is no different from Sami when it concerns getting Stefanoís help.  Will expected to get Stefanoís help, but Will doesnít expect Stefano to want anything in return.  Will really is his motherís son.

We loved the look on Nickís face when Vargas threatened him.  Nick has been acting crazy when it concerns Gabiís baby.  Now Nick knows what itís like to be backed into a corner as he doesnít like it.

Sami had a lot of nerve judging Nicole for the things she has done in the past considering all of the bad things she has done over the years.  Saint Sami was under the impression that Nicole canít change because sheís done unforgivable things.  Well by that logic, Sami and EJ are also incapable of change because they have also done unforgivable things.

If it was so hard for Jennifer to break up with Daniel, she could have told him the truth.  She could have let Daniel decide what he was going to do about Chloe and Parker.  Instead, she chose to use Jack as an excuse to break up with him. She was so tacky to do that.  Jack meant so little to her that she could use him as an excuse to break up with Daniel.  The writers really donít care about the legacy of Jack and Jenniferís relationship.

We loved how Lucas put Sami in her place about moving in the mansion.  Sami acted as if Lucas didnít have a say on whether or not Allie should live in the mansion.  We hope Lucas will go through with suing her for sole custody if she doesnít leave the mansion. 

Jennifer really kicked Daniel in the gut about him not being Jack.  We know Chloe told Jennifer to break Danielís heart, but she didnít have to be cruel.  She also didnít have to use Jack as the reason she didnít want to be with him.

Daniel wasted no time making out with Chloe after Jennifer dumped him.  He must not have loved Jennifer the way he said or else he wouldnít have been making out with Chloe.  We know Jennifer kicked him in the gut, but he didnít have to move on so fast with Chloe.  Knowing Chloe, she will think that Daniel wants to be back with her only to get dumped.

Jennifer really has a screw loose because she could have told Hope what Chloe did to her.  Hope would have understood her situation and she might have been able to help her.  Instead of doing the right thing, Jennifer stuck to the story of not getting over Jack.



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Page updated 4/5/13

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