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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

3/25/13 - 3/29/13

If Gabi was so worried that she didn’t know Nick, why would she marry him?  The last thing she should have done was marry him.  She should have dated him longer than she did.

Kate acted as if she’s still in love with Stefano while she was being intimate with Rafe.  What was the point of sleeping with Rafe if she’s still in love with Stefano?  We know she’s not the type to use a man so she wouldn’t do that to Rafe (dripping with sarcasm).

Nick finally told Gabi what happened to him in prison.  We didn’t think he would have said anything to her about what happened. Thumbs up to Nick for finally opening up to Gabi as well as the audience about what happened.

Now that Kate knows that Will gave up his rights to his child, we can only imagine what she will do to Nick and Gabi to make sure Will gets to see his daughter.

We could have lost it when Kate told Rafe that she couldn’t tolerate anyone lying to her.  This is the same woman who lies hand over fist. Now that she’s sleeping with Rafe, she must think that she’s a saint who never lies.

You would think that Will would have jumped at the chance to get Stefano’s help to get rid of Nick.  Will should have gotten Stefano’s help before he signed his rights away.  He shouldn’t have waited until after he signed his rights away.

Sonny caught Kate and Rafe together.  We thought Sami would have caught them together.  Kate and Rafe should have been more careful about where they made out and they might not have been caught.

Sonny is a hypocrite.  He is keeping a secret from Will about Kate and Rafe as well as Gabi yet he was ready to break up with Will when he kept the secret about being the father of Gabi’s baby.  Will kept the secret to protect Sonny the same way Sonny wants to protect Will, but we’ll see how Sonny will react if Will breaks up with him.

When did Nicole become a saint?  She judged Chloe for the things she did to get Daniel as if she hasn’t done worse to get Daniel as well as other guys.  Now that she works at the church, Nicole seems to think she’s a good person.

Chloe came up with a new plan.  She didn’t want Jennifer near Parker.  We had a feeling that Chloe was going to come up with something like this.  Chloe really is desperate to hold on to Daniel.

Jennifer made it so easy for Chloe’s plan (keeping Daniel from Parker) to work by letting her know she was going to call Daniel and the police.  Jennifer could have told Chloe what she wanted to hear and then told Daniel what Chloe planned to do with Parker.



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Page updated 3/29/13

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