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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

3/4/13 - 3/8/13

Sami could blame herself for why Nick wanted to take away Willís rights to his child.  Sami should have stayed out of the situation and Nick might not have gone after Will.

Do you really believe that Sami really would stay away from Willís baby?  That was a nice gesture, but we donít think she would have honestly stayed away from the baby.

Sonny was actually wearing the Salem brain this week.  He figured out that Nick was scheming against Will for a while.  Sonny also realized that Nick plotted against Will because heís gay.  Itís a good thing that Sonny was thinking since Will seemed to lose his thinking cap when it concerned Nick.

Nick has called Will ďgayboyĒ so we donít understand why Will had trouble believing that Nick was plotting for some time.  Why did Sonny have to drive it home that Nick would plot against Will before he would suspect anything.

Sami wanted EJ to go after Nick.  Once again sheís taking a chance butting in Willís life.  Weíre not surprised she wanted to make Nick pay, but she shouldnít have gone to EJ for help.  She will regret it.

Nick had a lot of nerve telling will that he had to keep him from his child.  Nickís acting as if heís the father of Gabiís baby and not Will.  Nick has no say whatsoever about Gabi and Willís baby.  Will shouldnít have let Nick get away with making him sign his rights away.

Maxine and Kayla need to get more to do if they have time to play matchmakers for Jennifer and Daniel.  Itís a shame that the writers have nothing else to do with Kayla besides make her a prop in Daniel and Jenniferís story.

Maybe Hope should stop letting Ciara spend so much time with Eric.  Ciara wanted to marry Eric when she grew up.  Did Ciara forget that sheís related to Eric?  They are cousins so they wonít be getting married.

Thumbs up to the writers for reminding the audience of Nancy and Jenniferís past.  We didnít think they would have brought up how Nancy and Craig tried to set Mike up so Craig could be chief of staff at the hospital.  We also didnít expect the writers to remember how Nancy and Craig used Ali to help with their plan.

Daniel needs to stop drinking if he gets drunk after a few drinks.  He barely had anything to drink, but he was acting as if he could barely stand on his feet.  We know it was just a plot device so he could hook up with Chloe, but itís time for him to stop drinking.


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Page updated 3/8/13

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