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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

2/25/13 - 3/1/13

You would think that think that EJ would be happy that Rafe could possibly be with Kate because it would keep him from Sami.  If thereís a chance that Rafe wanted Sami back, EJ would lose her for sure.

We find it hard t believe that Brady was concerned with his familyís feelings when he didnít want to move in the DiMera mansion right away.  This is the same man who was ready to write his family off if they didnít approve of his relationship with Kristen.  His family was just a temporary excuse not to live with her.  If he was that concerned about his family, he wouldnít be with Kristen in the first place.

We love Nickís attitude with Sami.  We are sick of Sami acting as if she can say and do anything she wants to people and they are supposed to be okay with it.  Nick isnít the father of Gabiís baby and Sami was right to tell him that, but we were cheering him on when he put her in her place about the mistakes she keeps making.

We were surprised that Nick confronted Will in front of Sonny about shooting EJ.  We assumed that the writers would have dragged that secret out for a while.

Speaking of Nick, he had a lot of nerve trying to get Will declared an unfit father as if heís a great role model.  He is a convicted murderer so heís just as unfit as he feels Will is.

Thumbs up to sonny for understanding when Nick blurted out that Will shot EJ.  We thought Sonny would dump Will again if he found out what Will did.

It was nice to see Marlena and Kate have a pleasant conversation.  We donít get to see them talk to each other much so it was nice to see them talk to each other.

It was good to see Sami and Lucas in scenes together.  They should be working together more considering their son is having a baby. We hope that the writers will have Sami and Lucas in scenes together soon.


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Page updated 3/1/13

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