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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

2/18/13 - 2/22/13

Why did Jennifer expect Lucas to sing Danielís praises after what he did to him?  Daniel helped destroy Lucasí marriage so it shouldnít surprise Jennifer that Lucas says bad things about him.  We canít wait to see the look on Jenniferís face when her relationship with Daniel doesnít last.

Is anyone else sick of people saying how ďgoodĒ Jennifer is?  Are we the only ones who donít think she is such a saint?  Jennifer is the same person who chose to date a man who betrayed her brother as well as other things. 

Chloe would have been sick if Daniel didnít let her stay with him.  She purposely goaded Victor to throw her out of the mansion.  If Daniel werenít so naÔve, her plan wouldnít work.

We are sick of the writers expecting us to believe that Daniel is such a good and trusting person.  We remember the man being a home wrecker as well as a womanizer.  It doesnít matter to us that heís Maggieís son.  He is not the saint that Jennifer, Abby, Nicole, and Maggie claim he is.

Julie acts as if sheís just related to Nick.  She forgets all about Will.  Julie was only worried about Gabi and Nickís problems.  She didnít care that Will is involved with the baby and has problems too.  We donít even remember the last time Julie spoke to Will.

Why couldnít Sami leave Gabi alone?  Sami was warned repeatedly to stop pestering Gabi, but she wouldnít listen.  Gabi ended up going to the hospital.  It wasnít Samiís fault, but Sami didnít help.  If that werenít enough, Sami had to sneak in Gabiís room to apologize, but Gabi had more pains in her stomach.  If Sami stayed away from Gabi, she couldnít be blamed for Gabiís pain.  Sami will never learn.

Why didnít Sami call Lucas to tell him about Gabi going to the hospital sooner than she did?  Sami thought to call EJ, but not Lucas.  EJís not related to Gabi so why did he need to be at the hospital, but Lucas didnít?  She waited too long to call Lucas.

Wasnít that something how Brady didnít want to move in the DiMera mansion because Stefano did so many things to John?  Brady wasnít worried about John when he started seeing Kristen.  Brady should have had a different excuse ready for why he didnít want to move in to Stefanoís place.

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Page updated 2/23/13

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