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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

1/28/13 - 2/1/13

We canít wait to see the look on Bradyís face when Kristen dumps him.  He needs to be knocked off his high horse because heís so sure that Kristen loves him when sheís just using him.

Considering the things that Nicole did over the years, was she really the right person to judge Kristen?  Someone should put Kristen in her place, but Nicole was not the one to do it.

Why did Chloe have to move in with Daniel to be a family with Parker?  She could get an apartment in the same building.  She didnít have to share his apartment.  Single parents are families and donít have to share their homes.

What type of doctor is Daniel?  He was stupid enough to leave his phone in his apartment.  It made it very easy for Chloe to make it look like she was with Daniel.

After everything that Kate has done to people in the past, why was Billie surprised that she wanted to go after Chloe?  Kateís like a dog with a bone when she gets revenge on someone so Billie questioned Kate for nothing.

Nicole must be slipping as a schemer because it didnít take long for Kristen and Brady to realize that she set Kristen up.  Usually it would take months for Nicole tog et caught doing something devious.

We love watching Kristen and Marlenaís showdowns.  The actress really come alive when they argue with each other.  We hope that we get to see more scenes like that.

We have a feeling that something happened with Bo and Hope.  Rafe was the only one to pick up on the fact that Hope seemed troubled.  Hopefully this is the start of a storyline for Hope.

Why are Chad and Cameron suddenly so interested in Abby?  They both dumped her so why are they fighting over her now?  Did she become the hottest person in Salem overnight?

Sami is a light switch.  She was willing to be with Rafe but the second he decided to be loyal to his family she wanted EJ.  Rafe had a right to look out for his sister just as she wanted to look out for her son.  Sami deserves to be alone since she canít make up her mind.

It didnít take long for Sonny to kiss someone else.  Sonny and Will just broke up and Sonny played tonsil hockey with Brian.  Lucas might have been right about Sonny being a player.


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Page updated 2/1/13

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