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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

1/21/13- 1/25/13

It could be us, but it seemed like Sami was only worried about Gabi lying to her about her baby.  She doesnít seem as worried about whatís going on with Will as she is about being lied to about the baby.

Daniel was making Chloeís plan to steal him back really easy.  He believed that Jennifer would have told child protective serves about Chloe before telling him.  The writers are obviously trying to create some tension in their very boring storyline. 

It doesnít say much for Sami that Will was able to talk to Lucas, Marlena, EJ and Rafe about the baby.  He wonít talk to Sami about whatís going on with the baby and we can see why.  All she does is make it about her and we can see why heís tired of talking to her. 

Nick had a lot of nerve expecting Will to go to court and give up his rights to his child.  Nick had developed a sense of entitlement after coming out of prison.  We hope that Will could get some dirt on him to crunch Nickís face.

We loved it when Rafe told Sami off about making Gabiís pregnancy about her.  We cheered when he called her selfish.  He was right on the money about her.

Sami acted as if Adrienne didnít have the right to be worried about Sonny.  Sami was only worried about how the pregnancy affected Will.  Willís not the only one who will be affected by the baby.

It didnít take Sami long to make out with EJ. She wanted to be with Rafe, but she couldnít wait to kiss EJ.  She obviously didnít want to be with Rafe the way she claimed or she wouldnít have jumped at the chance to be with EJ.

We cheered Lucas on when he called Sami out for her man hopping.  He reminded her how she goes back and forth with Rafe and EJ.  He also told her about the way she spoke to Gabi.  Itís a shame that Sami wonít listen to anyone who tells her about herself.

Eric was right on the money when he yelled at Brady for being with Kristen.  Eric made sense when he told Brady how wrong it was for him to be with Kristen.  Itís too bad that Brady didnít listen.


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Page updated 1/25/13

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