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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

1/14/13- 1/18/13

We loved the fact that Chad ruined Nick and Gabiís wedding.  Nick was being so smug about marrying Gabi and raising her baby so he needed a fall from grace.  Chadís announcement that Nick wasnít the father of Gabiís baby certainly made their potentially boring wedding more interesting.

We were surprised that Will revealed that he was the father of Gabiís baby.  We thought that Chad would only reveal that Nick wasnít the father.  It was an added bonus that Will dropped the bomb and ruined Nickís chance at being the father of Gabiís baby.

Why was everyone at the church giving Chad a hard time for telling the truth about Nick not being the father of Gabiís baby?  Gabi, Nick, and Will were the ones who kept the truth from everyone, but Chad felt the wrath of everyone who approached him about ruining Gabi and Nickís wedding.

Thumbs up to Victor for reminding the audience that Sami lied about Willís paternity.  Heís right that Sami will forget that she was no different from Gabi.  Sami wonít think about what she did when she kept Lucas from his son.  Sheíll be concerned about Will being kept from his child.

Wasnít that something how Gabi didnít say anything about Will wanting to be there for her during her pregnancy?  She let Rafe put Will down and assume that Will wanted Gabi to have an abortion.

Itís good that Lucas defended himself as well as Sami when Will complained about his childhood.  Considering the fact that Lucas and Sami arenít together, it was nice to hear him defend her to Will.

Why was Chloe shocked that Bradyís dating his former stepmother?  Brady dated his stepgrandmother (Nicole) so it shouldnít have surprised her that Brady went after Kristen.

Marlena made it so easy for Kristen to find out that she had a wire on her.  Marlena kept grabbing for the broach and Kristen picked up on it.  Hope should have taped Kristenís confession instead of sending Marlena to do it.  

We werenít the least bit surprised that Kristen ended up paying the mugger to rob her.  We suspected that when she was robbed.  She would have been sick if John or Brady werenít around to come to her rescue.


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Page updated 1/18/13

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