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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

1/7/13- 1/11/13

Sami had some nerve telling Brady that he shouldnít get mixed up with the enemy (Kristen).  Did she forget that she got involved with the enemy when she was with EJ?  Despite how many of her relatives didnít approve, she still went out with EJ.  Sami of all people should understand what Brady is going through with Kristen, yet she judged him as if she hasnít done the same thing.

 We enjoyed John and Marlenaís scenes when he confronted her about knowing Brady and Kristen were together.  They both did a wonderful job with their scenes.  We could have watched those for the entire hour.

Chloe judged Jennifer for moving on so fast after Jack died.  She also said Jennifer could never be alone.  That was rich coming from Chloe considering what she did to Lucas and Daniel.  She is another one who canít be alone.

How convenient was it that Parker turned out to be Danielís son?  There was a DNA test done on Parker and it said Philip was Parkerís father yet Daniel ended up being his father.  The writers did anything they could to throw a monkeywrench in Daniel and Jenniferís relationship.

Gabi needs to be careful what she says if she wants Nickís plan to work.  When she talked to Maggie, she said she couldnít have picked a better guy to be her babyís daddy.  Gabi indicated that Nick wasnít the father.  She made it seem as if Nick wasnít the father.  If she keeps saying stuff like that, someone will catch on that Nick isnít the father.

Since Philip is conveniently not Parkerís father, why did Philip have him?  You would think that Chloe would have the baby with her so Daniel could see him.

Nick uses any excuse he can to start trouble with Will.  Nick didnít hear all of the story about how Cameron realized Nick wasnít the father of Gabiís baby, yet he jumped to the conclusion that Will said something.  Nick must be intimidated by Will since he got Gabi pregnant and Nick didnít.  Nick needs to get a better attitude towards Will because it wouldnít take much for Will to let the cat out of the bag about the baby.

Maybe itís just us, but we canít wait to see what Kate has in store for Chloe.  Chloe was so smug about Parker not being Kateís grandson that we want to see Kate go after her again.  It would be an added bonus if she goes after Daniel too.

What is it going to take for Gabi to see the light about Nick?  Nick was against the idea of Will being the babyís godfather and told her he wanted her to talk to him before making decisions about the baby.  Nick seems to forget that Gabi and Will are the parents of the baby,


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Page updated 1/11/13

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