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Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

6/11/12 - 6/15/12

The writers wasted their time bringing Jackís character back to the show.  We didnít even know Jack was writing a book let alone got published.  The writers gave him and Jennifer a story that happened off screen.

The writers forgot all about Kristen when Lexie said she was Stefanoís only living daughter.  As far as the audience knows, Kristen is still alive so Lexie isnít Stefanoís only living daughter.

Thumbs up to the writers for remembering that Stefano tried to buy Lexie a child.  We were surprised that they remembered that since they seem to forget other things.

Lexie and Jenniferís scenes together were so emotional that we thought we were going to cry.  Itís too bad that the writers had to make Lexie die in order to have so many emotional scenes with her.

Will had some nerve getting upset with Sami when she was completely supportive of him getting arrested.  He was the one who messed up by having the gun in the first place, but he was mad at Sami as if she framed him.

Itís strange that Roman is so willing to believe that Will is guilty when the rest of Willís family believes heís innocent?  Wouldnít that be something if Roman was the one who was guilty?

Why did EJ fire Will if he was going to end up blackmailing him again?  EJ could have continued to let Will work for him and blackmail him.

Sami just doesnít know when to quit.  She all but accused Marlena of killing Stefano when she should know that Marlena wouldnít let Will go to prison for something she did.  Sami would probably do something like that, but Marlena wouldnít.

If Sami felt so strongly that Stefano was a monster, why did she decide to work for him?  She knew all of the things heís done to her family, yet she decided to take his job offer.

Were we the only one who had trouble believing Chadís reaction to the possibility that Will shot Stefano?  Chad wanted nothing to do with Stefano, but he suddenly cared that the Bradys hated his father.

It was sad to Lexie tell Theo that sheís dying.  We felt bad for the Carvers while Lexie told Theo that sheís dying.  We were surprised that Theo seemed to understand what Lexie said to him.

You would never know that Brady was having problems with drugs since the story was happening off screen.  What was the point of Brady getting hooked on drugs if they werenít going to show the story? 

Thumbs up to the writers for remembering when Melanie was accused of killing her father.  Chad being upset with Will for being accused of killing Stefano was the perfect time to remind the audience that she was once accused of murder.

Melanie is making Gabiís plan to steal Chad very easy.  Melanie shouldnít have tried to defend Will to Chad.  What made her think that he would want her to defend someone accused of killing his father?  Gabi wonít have to do much to steal him away if Melanie continues to side with Will.

Why are Bo and Hope suddenly having issues with what happened in Alamania?  They pretty much forgot about it yet it was suddenly a problem for them.


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Page updated 6/15/12

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