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2011 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

12/19/11 Ė 12/23/11

Sami should butt out of Madison and Bradyís relationship.  Their relationship is none of her business.  Considering what she did to Rafe, is she really in a position to judge their relationship?

If John felt that he couldnít pay his employees behind bars, why did he plead guilty?  He might have won if he didnít do that.  He canít repay the employees behind bars.

We were cheering Madison on when she put Sami in her place.  Madison was right to tell Sami to mind her business and stay out of her private life.  How many times does Madison have to tell Sami to mind her business before she gets the message?

We were also cheering Brady on when he yelled at Sami for butting in his relationship with Madison.  She had it coming because Sami was only worried about how his relationship with Madison will affect her.

Marlena finally agreed to let Bo and Hope take the voucher to Stefano.  We know she was upset, but she should have jumped at the chance to help John.

Lexie is so self-righteous.  She read Stefano the riot act again.  She constantly judges Stefano as if sheís so perfect.  She refused to forgive him for EJ running against Abe.  She will change her mind if something happens to him.

Thumbs up to the writers for remembering that Hope and John were together.  We didnít think that the writers remembered that Hope and John were together.

Sami claims she and Rafe are having money problems.  What about EJ and Lucas?  Why arenít they helping her pay the bills for the kids?

Sami reminded Rafe about their money problems.  Itís funny that she and Rafe barely have money now that sheís paying the bills.  She wasnít worried about that when Rafe was paying the bills.  He also didnít rub her nose in the fact that she didnít work, but she keeps reminding him about it.

The writers want us to root for Melanie and Chad so badly.  Abby falling for Austin is an obvious trick to justify Melanie being with Chad.  Weíre not falling for the writer manipulation.  Itís not right that Abby is staying with Chad because she canít have Austin, but itís also not right that Melanie would go after her best friendís boyfriend.

Thumbs up to the writers for having Bo and Hope talk about her past with John.  Itís about time that Bo and Hope talked about the fact that she was with John.

Are we supposed to care that Melanie and Chad are so torn about not being together?  We donít feel sorry for them at all.  They are using Abby as an excuse not to be together so we wonít hate their characters for falling for each other.

We were cheering Will on when he ripped into Sami again.  We were also hoping that Will would tell Sami that he knew she was with EJ.

Page updated 5/18/12

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