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2011 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

8/29/11 - 9/2/11

Why would Taylor tell Quinn that Mandy was going to tell the police about her pimp?  Taylor still doesnít know for a fact that Quinn is innocent of the attacks against the prostitutes so why tell him so much information?

It could be us, but it seemed like Rafe cared more about Samiís condition than Roman.  Roman needed to ask Rafe what happened with her instead of waiting for her to come out of surgery.  He was too wrapped up in the prostitution case considering he didnít want Bo, Hope, and Rafe working on the case.  He should care more about his daughter and not a prostitution case.

We cheered Quinn on when he told Taylor how she was with EJ so she was no Joan of Arc.  Heís right about her.  Taylor is so judgmental considering she was a prostitute for Quinn.  She is no one to judge Nicole, Quinn or anyone else in Salem.

Melanie knows that her mother is in rehab, but she took the time to go to the beach with Dario, Will, and company.  She could have visited Carly instead of hanging out at the beach.  She didnít even mention Carl while she was having fun.  If our mother were in rehab, we would not want to go to the beach.

It was heartbreaking watching Rafe worry about Samiís surgery.  He really seemed worried about Samiís surgery.  We wanted to reach through our screen and give Rafe a hug when he was worried about Sami.  Rafe seemed more worried than Roman did about Sami.

Itís a sad day when Jennifer and Daniel had to waste screen time and dialogue talking about T on Tuesday.  They could have talked about their relationship or Carly, but they talked about T.  Do the writers think weíll care about him if Jennifer (a Horton) talks about a useless character like T?  It wonít work for us because we still wonít care about him.

Jennifer proved how much she cared about Maggie by having sex with Daniel.  Weíre expected to believe that she cares so much about Maggie.  Maggie was released from the hospital, but Jennifer was with Daniel.

Since Bradyís running Titan, why didnít Chloe go to him to get a job?  She didnít have to go to Quinn to be a hooker again.  Victor couldnít stop Brady from hiring her if he wanted to do it.  She had too much pride to ask Brady for a job, but she had no problem begging to be a hooker again.

We couldnít believe Kinsey was the voice of reason again.  She tried to talk Chloe out of being a hooker again.  Guess lightning really can strike twice.

Why would Chloe tell her john so many details about her personal life?  She didnít know who he was so she shouldnít have told him anything.

Why did Jennifer care where Maggie was staying after she left the hospital?  Jennifer was with Daniel when Maggie was released so why did she care that she was staying with Victor?  He cared about Maggie when Jennifer was with Daniel. 

Page updated 5/18/12

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