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2011 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

8/1/11 - 8/5/11

Dario had a lot of nerve assuming that Hope wouldn’t help Carly.  He barely knows either of them, but he judged Hope.  He wasn’t around to know that Carly being with Bo would have been a reason why Hope wouldn’t help her.

It was good to see Rafe and Dario make up for not being closer.  It was good to see because of how Dario was treating fake Rafe.

What made Nicole think that EJ would forgive and forget the fact that Brady attacked him?  If EJ attacked Brady, everyone would expect Brady to get revenge.  EJ is a horrible person, but that doesn’t make it okay that Brady attacked him.

Quinn needs to make up his mind about Chloe.  He didn’t want to keep working with Kate to destroy Chloe, but he made her get together with another john.  Why is he making her prostitute herself again?

What made Kate think that Gus would tell her anything about Vivian?  He may be upset with her because she’s spending time with Quinn, but he won’t betray her to help Kate.

Vivian should stop pushing her luck with Gus.  She doesn’t have that many people in Salem that she can count on so she shouldn’t push him away by constantly praising Quinn.

Once again Melanie proved that she doesn’t care about Carly.  Melanie knew that Carly was missing, but she was at the pub.  We know that Carly called the hospital and said she was fine, but she could have been lying.  Melanie should have been looking for Carly instead of hanging out in the pub.

Why did Adrienne have such a bad opinion of Victor?  She practically badmouthed him to Maggie.  Did she forget that she lives with the man?  He didn’t do anything to her to cause her to badmouth him to Maggie.

Victor made an amateurish mistake with Stefano.  He should have known that Stefano didn’t know about what Brady did to EJ.  Brady would have been in the hospital himself if Stefano knew anything Victor shouldn’t have called Stefano because that made things worse.

Why did Roman go to the trouble of putting Bo and Hope on a prostitution case just to take them off of it?  Roman didn’t seem to care that the prostitute was hurt.  Isn’t he supposed to help people?

Maggie made a really big deal about Victor canceling one date.  It’s not as if he stood her up.  He did give her a warning that he couldn’t make it so she got upset for nothing.  Is she so arrogant that she believes that Victor can’t cancel on her?

Page updated 5/18/12

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