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2011 Our Opinion!

Questions & Comments by Michele & Cheryl

3/28/11 - 4/1/11

Seeing Bo and Hope together makes us wish that they could be shown more than they are.  The writers must have something wrong with them since they don't want to show the only supercouple left on the show.

We know EJ and Taylor are so irresistible together, but why did they have to make out in the living room?  What was to keep Nicole or anyone else from walking in on them?  There are so many rooms in that huge mansion so they could have made out in any of those rooms.

Are we supposed to feel sorry for Carly that she has to see Bo and Hope together?  She didn't care how Hope felt when she saw her with Bo.  Now that she's in Hope's position, she's upset.  What goes around comes around, Carly.

Nicole acts as if the mansion is hers.  She invited Fay to move in the mansion instead of the guesthouse.  Maybe she should have asked EJ or Stefano before she invited Fay in the house.

We felt like a sense of deja vu with Carly suddenly taking drugs now that she's not with Bo.  This is the same thing Hope did when she lost Bo. Hope's choice of drug was sleeping pills and we guess Carly's choice of drug will be anti-anxiety pills.  Bo must really be something since Hope and Carly turned to drugs when they lost him.  We can't really blame them since he is pretty hot.

It was something that Jennifer didn't want to move on with another man right away when she was talking to Abby, but she thought it was okay to set up Carly and Daniel.  Now Jennifer should have a better understanding of why Carly and Daniel weren't ready to date.

Taylor had a lot of nerve blaming EJ for why she's turning into a person she doesn't recognize.  He didn't force himself on her.  We know he is a former rapist, but he didn't rape her.  She had the option not to play tonsil hockey with him.

Fay must have the Salem brain.  She suspected that Taylor has feelings for EJ.  She wasn't even around Taylor that long and she was able to see that something was going on between them.  It will only be a matter of time before Nicole gets a clue.

Kate actually swallowed her pride to talk to Sami, but Sami made that rough for her.  Kate wanted to talk to her about Allie, but Sami practically ripped her a new one.  Sami only softened when Kate talked to her about Rafe.

We didn't realize that EJ was God's gift to women.  He told Taylor that he would stop kissing her and wouldn't be flirting with her anymore.  We're surprised that Taylor didn't fall down at his feet and beg him not to make the sacrifice.  He has such a huge ego.

EJ suddenly thought it wasn't a good idea that he, Stefano, and "Rafe" talk about the plan in the mansion.  He didn't have a problem with all of the people in the house when Stefano told him that there were too many people in the house.  Now EJ's suddenly concerned about it.

We don't believe that Taylor is going to tell Nicole the truth.  Even if she does tell Nicole the truth, she's just doing it to appease her guilt.  She proved that when she told Lexie that she would leave town after she told her.

How many times is Taylor going to tell Nicole that she's leaving the mansion?  We have lost count of how many times she said she was leaving.  If we were Nicole, we would throw her out already and be done with it.

What was Hope doing that she couldn't pick up Ciara and Theo at school?  All she did was talk to Bo at the police station so she could have picked up the kids herself.

Chloe had some nerve telling Brady about being with Melanie when Melanie is still married as if she didn't sleep with Philip.  We were so glad that Brady reminded her about that because she was no one to judge him.

Fay asked for Fake Rafe to attack her.  After she heard EJ, Stefano, and Fake Rafe talking about their plan, she should have left the mansion.  Instead, she chose to call Nicole on her cell phone.  No wonder Fake Rafe was able to go after her.  He ended up pushing her down the stairs.

Page updated 5/18/12

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